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  • Help!! can I get stations 9-14 coloring sheets for Stations of the Cross? My first graders are coloring them and writing the words to accompany the pictures to post in our Catholic school. These are the BEST kid friendly coloring pages I can find!

    • Thanks for the compliment MaryBeth! We’re working hard to get the remaining stations live on the site. We’re hoping to have them up this week, so please check back in a day or two.

  • I’d love to have them for my class, too. And, I agree with MaryBeth-they are the best kid-friendly.

    • Thanks Scarlette. We have the illustrations ready, but there is an issue with scanning we are working out. I think we will have them up very soon this week. Thanks for hanging in there.

  • I just want to make sure that it is okay that we print and use these pictures. In my 11th grade classes, we are making a rosary meditation booklet for our “4th Grade Buddies.” We decided it would be great to have a picture they can color for each mystery. Do I have permission for them to copy and print them for their little buddies? Thank you!

    In Christ,
    Sr. Mary Magdalene
    Religion Teacher
    Catholic High School New Iberia

    • Hi Sr. Mary Magdalene. What a great idea! Yes, please feel free to print out any of the coloring pages found on our website and use them with your rosary meditation booklet. God Bless. Mike

  • Thank you for making these beautiful coloring pages available! We utilize them for our monthly family rosary and potluck ~the children love them!! We would like to see a picture of St. Raphael, if that is a saint who could be represented in the future? Thank you and God bless you!

    • Hi Mente. Thanks for the kind words and suggestion. St. Raphael is definitely on our list and will be coming soon. Sign up to receive our email updates if you would like to be notified. I love the idea of a monthly family rosary and potluck!

  • That is awesome. Thank you for putting the meaning behind the candles. I always forget and end up googling it.

    I used to teach kindergarteners and would often print pictures from this site because they are so good and child-friendly (big coloring areas). Even though I am teaching older kids now, I’m still going to do this Advent wreath with them. I’ve realized everyone loves coloring no matter the age. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    • You’re welcome Scarlette! I’m always doing the same thing. I try to gather relevant resources for each coloring page and include as much as I can to make it more convenient for everyone. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to look things up (at least I don’t), so having a few high-points and links listed on the page helps me out. You’re right about everyone loving a coloring page now and then. Also… we’re thinking of adding an “activities” section in the future (It might contain some things for older kids.)

  • I’d like to use the image of John in prison for a Mass program for my school for tomorrow. May I have your permission?

  • May we have permission to use your line drawing of our Lady of Fatima to put on hankies for the
    100th anniversary of our Lady at Fatima.
    Thank you and God bless you,
    Connie Schneider
    Chairperson of the Saint Paul/Mpls Archdiocean Rosary Procession

    • Sorry of the late replay. You may contacts us at “ @” (remove spaces).

  • This looks excellent and we would love to use for our school. How do you recommend printing this? I do not see a download button or print option. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hi Sheila. Sorry for the late reply. To print, please click on the image so it opens up in it’s own window then from your browser, select File -> Print. Hope this helps.

      • LOVE the illustrations. My 2nd Grade CCD with color and act them out tomorrow!
        PS No apostrophe in its in the possessive in your answer to Sheila above. It’s is short for it is, and the apostrophe takes the place of the ‘i’ in is: it is = it’s (like don’t = do not). Its is the ONLY possessive without an apostrophe.

  • These are perfect for display in the hallway of our Catholic elementary school. Thank you!

  • Thank you for making these available. This will make a great activity for our First Holy Communion CRE class. Clean artwork and just enough detail for little 7 & 8 year olds to enjoy. Lovely work.

  • I would love to use your colouring pages for the formation of faith in the children’s group in the parish.

    • Hi Janet.
      Please feel free to use our coloring pages in your class. We just ask that you leave our website address on any printouts.

    • Absolutely. Please feel free to download and share with your class. We just ask that you keep the website address on the printouts.

  • Thank you so much for making these drawings available. We are using these images for our big balloon rosary. Our older RE classes are leading the rosary made up of balloons and inviting the whole parish to pray with them. We will keep you in our prayers.

    • You’re so welcome Steph! Would love to see a picture of the balloon rosary once it’s complete. Sounds like a great idea!

  • I also would like to use some of these great resources. May I also have permission to copy and use these for my congregation’s Sunday School?

  • These coloring pictures are perfect for my Pre-k – 1st grade class and perfect for my budget thank you so much.

  • I would love to be able to use the The Holy Rosary coloring page In my Religious Ed class for 2nd graders as I teach them to pray the rosary.

    • Hi Barbara. Please feel free to use these coloring pages in your classes. Hope the kids enjoy them.

  • Thank you very much! This is our first Lent with children age 3 and 2. I am pretty sure that they will be interested in colouring your printables.

  • Thank you so very much for these wonderful colouring pages for children of the Stations of the Cross. There are the best I found online. God bless you!

  • Hi there,
    First, I thank & Praise our GOD for answering my prayer, & leading me to this site!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€ Second, I thank you for providing these beautiful pages for the children to color..I’ve been teaching First & Second Graders for several yrs. & I always use the coloring pages ( when finished) for the children to hold up as we pray the Stations together on Palm Sunday. However, this year, I could not locate/find where my childrens’stations papers were/are. So,Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing these lovely & truthful depictions of our Dear LORD’S Sacrifice! May our AWESOME GOD Bless & Protect you & your loved ones, Always!!
    Sincerely yours in our GOOD GOD’S Service,
    Arlene M Ricciardi

    • Oh Arlene! Thank you so much for the beautiful words. We are so happy to be able to create and share these coloring pages with the world. God bless you.

  • Thank you for these, what a GIFT! My family and I will be coloring them today as part of our Good Friday journey. They are just perfect.

  • thank you so much. May the Lord bless you and your family for this pages. We are e small church and we dont have to many thing for our children so this site is of a great help for us. Thank you again and may blessins for you and your love ones

  • Hello,
    I would love to print this, but when I try to, it doesn’t take up the whole page. It is maybe half of the page. Is there a way to have this print to a full page?

    • Hi Patty. If it’s only printing 1/4 or 1/2 page, you may need to look at your printer setting to see if there is a feature to scale the image. This should be set to 100% or “fit/fill page”.

  • Beautiful! Thank you for posting these wonderful pages for my kiddo and our upcoming family rosary group. God bless!

  • sharing your pages for my young neice- to teach her and to encourage her parents to get her to church! thank you.

  • This series of worksheets is BEAUTIFUL. I very much appreciate the beautiful artwork, rather than the cartoon-style/ asian-style of so many things, even of the sacred. Thank you! And, please keep it coming πŸ™‚