Catholic Bingo Cards – Download Pack


Our Catholic BINGO Card Download Pack contains everything needed for a fun game of BINGO (up to 12 players).

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When you purchase our Catholic BINGO Card Download Pack, you will receive 12 unique cards along with a bingo card caller squares and a caller card. Everything you need for a fun game of Catholic style BINGO! Fun activity for families, parishes and classrooms. Directions: Cut out the squares on the caller page, flip them over and randomly draw an item from the pile. While calling out the item, kids mark their catholic bingo cards accordingly. The first child to complete 5 squares either horizontal, vertical or diagonally wins. Images include: Church, shamrock, harp, apple, Resurrection, crucifix, chalice, candle, ark, palms, star, slingshot, lion, lamb, grapes, fire, dove, crown, angel, Monstrance, keys, horn, Bible, Eucharist and Advent wreath.

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