Saint Patrick Coloring Page

Saint Patrick Coloring Page

Coloring Page of Saint Patrick driving out the snakes from Ireland.

Feast Day: March 17th

Birth: 387

Patron Saint of: Ireland.

Some discussion points for children while coloring this St. Patrick Coloring Page:

  • St. Patrick was kidnapped by a raiding party and taken to Ireland. He escaped back to his family when an angel told him in a dream about a ship that was leaving to his home country in Britain.
  • He prayed for his kidnappers and later returned to Ireland as a Bishop to converted the pagans.
  • Saint Patrick use the shamrock to help explain the trinity.
  • There is a legend that Saint Patrick drove out all of the snakes from Ireland (Thanks to his missionary efforts, paganism was driven out of Ireland).


St. Patrick – The Irish Legend movie can be found here: