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Kids Custom Rosary Kit Designer

Kids Custom Rosary Kit Designer

Kids Create Their Own Rosary Kits For Only $4.99 (Free Shipping) Invite your child to create and design their very own custom rosary kit. Watch with excitement as they build their very own, personal, one of a kind rosary. Once they’re happy with the design, click the Buy Now button to complete your purchase, and we’ll send you all of...

Sacrament Memory Match Game Online

Catholic Sacrament Memory Match Game

0 Move(s) Great Job!!! 🎉 × Congratulations you did fantastic! 🎉🎉 You made moves in Rating: Let’s Play Again! 😄 Children will not only find this online memory match game fun but educational too. We’ve designed this game to introduce kids to each of the 7 Sacraments and to help them memorize what they are. While playing this memory...