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Saint Francis Coloring Page

Saint Francis of Assisi Coloring Page

Saint Francis Coloring page where he is preaching to the birds about being thankful to God. Feast Day: October 4th Birth: 1181 Patron Saint of: Merchants, Animals, & Ecology. Some Possible discussion topics while coloring this Saint Francis of Assisi Italy coloring sheet with your child. St. Francis grew up in a very wealthy home and desired...

Saint Padre Pio Coloring Page

Saint Padre Pio Coloring Page

Coloring Page of Saint Padre Pio showing his wounds from the stigmata. Feast Day: October 28th Birth: 1887 Patron Saint of: Civil defense volunteers, Adolescents, Pietrelcina, Stress relief. Some discussion points for children while coloring this St. Padre Pio Coloring Page: He entered the Capuchin Friars at the age of 15. One day while hearing...