Saint Francis Coloring Page

Saint Francis of Assisi Coloring Page

Saint Francis Coloring page where he is preaching to the birds about being thankful to God.

Feast Day: October 4th

Birth: 1181

Patron Saint of: Merchants, Animals, & Ecology.

Some Possible discussion topics while coloring this Saint Francis of Assisi Italy coloring sheet with your child.

  • St. Francis grew up in a very wealthy home and desired to became a knight and was captured for ransom in a battle.
  • One day St. Francis saw a leper being mistreated and he ran over and kissed his hand and he was filled with joy.
  • One day at church, Jesus said to repair His church to St. Francis.
  • St. Francis renounced all of his wealth and lived a life in community with others that came to follow his example.
  • Francis when to Syria to convert the Moslems and as a result of his preaching, the sultain said “I would convert to your religion which is a beautiful one — but both of us would be murdered.”