Saint Christopher Coloring Page

Saint Christopher Coloring Page

Saint Christopher Coloring Page showing him carrying the child Jesus on his shoulder (“Christopher” means Christ-bearer).

Feast Day: July 25th

Death: 251

Patron Saint of: Traveling, Transportation, Animals, Bachelors, Ecology, Storms, Gardeners, Epilepsy, Holy Death, Merchants, and Toothaches.

Some Possible discussion topics while coloring this Saint Christopher coloring page with your child.

  • Legend states Saint Christopher was taught about Jesus by a Hermit. The hermit suggested that St. Christopher could help Christ by helping travelers cross a near by river that was dangerous to smaller or weaker people (St. Christopher was very tall and some called him a giant).
  • One day, St. Christopher helped a young boy over the river. The river got higher and the child became heavier. With great effort St. Christopher safely brought the young child to the shore. He asked the child why he was so heavy, the child explained that He was the Christ and when St. Christopher carried Him, he also carried the weight of the whole world on his shoulders. The child then vanished.
  • “Christopher” means Christ-bearer.