How to Install Minecraft Skins

After you have purchased and downloaded the skin file from your account (or confirmation email), follow the instructions below to install and use skins in Minecraft.

1. Locate the downloaded .Zip file on your computer (check your downloads folder). Right click on the file and select “Extract All”

2. Next, “Browse” to select the location where you would like the extracted files to reside (or you can keep them in the default location) and then click “Extract”.

3. A newly created folder will be extracted in the location.

4. If you look inside the folder, you will notice the individual skin files.

5. To install a skin file, launch Minecraft and select “Skins”.

6. Next, select “New Skin”.

7. Click the “Browse” button.

8. Select the skin file you want to install, then click “Open”.

9. Click the “Save & Use” button.

10. Your skin is now loaded and ready to use.