Glorious Mysteries Rosary Coloring Pages

The Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary are prayed on Wednesday and Sunday.

Glorious Mysteries Rosary Coloring Pages - The Resurrection

The 1st Glorious Mystery Coloring Page – The Resurrection

Jesus rises from the dead on the third day.


Glorious Mysteries Rosary Coloring Pages - The Ascension

The 2nd Glorious Mystery Coloring Page – The Ascension

Jesus Ascends into heaven.


Glorious Mysteries Rosary Coloring Pages - The Descent of The Holy Spirit

The 3rd Glorious Mystery Coloring Page – The Descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost)

The Holy Spirit descends onto the Apostles and Mary on Pentecost as tongues of fire.


Glorious Mysteries Rosary Coloring Pages - The Assumption

The 4th Glorious Mystery Coloring Page – The Assumption

Mary is taken up into heaven (body and spirit).


Glorious Mysteries Rosary Coloring Pages - Coronation of Mary

The 5th Glorious Mystery Coloring Page – The Coronation

Mary is crowned queen of heaven and earth.



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  • I just want to make sure that it is okay that we print and use these pictures. In my 11th grade classes, we are making a rosary meditation booklet for our “4th Grade Buddies.” We decided it would be great to have a picture they can color for each mystery. Do I have permission for them to copy and print them for their little buddies? Thank you!

    In Christ,
    Sr. Mary Magdalene
    Religion Teacher
    Catholic High School New Iberia

    • Hi Sr. Mary Magdalene. What a great idea! Yes, please feel free to print out any of the coloring pages found on our website and use them with your rosary meditation booklet. God Bless. Mike

  • These are perfect for display in the hallway of our Catholic elementary school. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for making these drawings available. We are using these images for our big balloon rosary. Our older RE classes are leading the rosary made up of balloons and inviting the whole parish to pray with them. We will keep you in our prayers.

    • You’re so welcome Steph! Would love to see a picture of the balloon rosary once it’s complete. Sounds like a great idea!